How to Find Vision Rehabilitation Services in Your Area

The following organizations provide information on how to find vision rehabilitation services.

We welcome additional recommendations on how to find services for persons with visual impairment at the local level.

If you know of any other sites similar to the sites BlindLine, which covers New York State, or Prevent Blindness Northern California, please let us know. We’ll be pleased to add them to this site.

The Foundation provides a ‘Where Can I Find…’ database of services in the USA and Canada. The data base includes extensive resources, including computer training, rehabilitation services, volunteer services, employment and job training, support groups, and many other helpful areas.

Searchable database of New York State services lindlineSM is a fully accessible web site created by VISIONS ink opens in new window]in collaboration with the American Foundation for the Blind. [link opens in new window]

Blindline aims to provide direct access to a New York statewide database of organizations and services for people who are blind or visually impaired, their family members, counselors, and other professionals. The site is comprehensive and is regularly updated.

An Affiliate of Prevent Blindness America, this organization is committed to “preventing blindness and preserving sight for all people of Northern California.”

The site provides a data base of resources on services and organizations relevant to people with vision impairment living in Northern California.

Searchable database of services. VisionConnection has a section titled ‘Help Near You Locator’ [link opens in new window] which provides information about agencies in this country and overseas.

By entering your home address the VisionConnection database will locate the agency that is closest to your home.

(NAVH) assists clients in locating services and resources in their area, which are appropriate for the visually impaired.

These services and resources include low vision services, eye care specialists, state agencies and nonprofits committed to serving the visually impaired, and emotional support services.

Some information on international services is also available. To find services and resources in your area, call NAVH at 1-888-205-5951.