Legal Rights

Find more information about legal rights for the blind and people with low vision. Link to sites to learn more about laws in your state and which organizations are actively advocating for legislation to protect and extend rights for the visually impaired.


The Americans with Disabilities Act: Questions and Answers

Facts About the Americans with Disabilities Act

The Americans with Disabilities Act, Titles I and V

Title 29--Labor, Chapter XIV-EEOC, Part 1630--Regulations to implement ADA employment provisions

ADA Handbook

Title II Regulations: Public Services

Title II Highlights

Common Questions About Title II of the ADA

Title III Regulations: Public Accommodations and Services Operated by Private Entities

Title III Highlights

Supreme Court Rulings

Job Accommodation Network consultants often get inquiries asking for information on Supreme Court rulings that address the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA). The links below provide information on these rulings.

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Building, Housing, and Recreation Accessibility Guidelines


ADA Accessibility Guidelines and Proposed ADA Accessibility Guidelines (ADAAG)

Uniform Federal Accessibility Standards (UFAS)

Accessibility Checklists: Americans with Disabilities Act Accessibility Guidelines (ADAAG) Checklist for Buildings and Facilities.

The Americans with Disabilities Act Checklist for Readily Achievable Barrier Removal, and Title III Checklist - Also available as a one page document in Microsoft Word format: IIIChecklist.doc

State Accessibility Codes


Fair Housing Act (HUD)


Summaries of Accessibility Guidelines for Recreation Facilities

ADA Technical Assistance Manuals

Title II

Title II, 1994 Supplement

Title III

Title III, 1994 Supplement

Other ADA Materials

JAN's Employer's Practical Guide to Reasonable Accommodation Under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)

JAN's ADA Glossary

ADA Portal

ADA Accessibility Guideline Checklist

ADA Best Practices Tool Kit for State and Local Governments

ADA Business Brief: Communicating with People Who Are Deaf or Hard of Hearing in Hospital Settings

ADA Business Brief: Communicating with Guests who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing in Hotels, Motels, and Other Places of Transient Lodging

ADA Guide for Local Governments: Making Community Emergency

Preparedness and Response Programs Accessible to People with Disabilities

ADA Information for Law Enforcement

ADA "Sample" Policies

Accessibility Benefits Older Workers

Assistance at Self-Serve Gas Stations

Checklist for Readily Achievable Barrier Removal

Cities and Counties: First Steps Toward Solving Common ADA Problems

Commonly Asked Questions about Child Care Centers

Commonly Asked Questions about Service Animals in Places of Business

Common ADA Errors and Omissions in New Construction and Alterations

First Response to Victims of Crime who have a Disability

Frequently Accessed EEOC Guidances

Guide for People with Disabilities Seeking Employment

Guide for Places of Lodging: Serving Guests who are Blind or who have Low Vision

Guide for Restaurants and Other Food Service Employers

The Americans with Disabilities Act: A Primer for Small Businesses (EEOC)

Guide for Small Businesses (DOJ)

Questions and Answers: The ADA and Persons with HIV/AIDS

Reaching Out to Customers with Disabilities: As a business owner or operator, or someone thinking about opening a business, you may have wondered what you have to do to comply with the ADA. This online course explains how the ADA applies to businesses in ten short lessons.

Readily Achievable Barrier Removal and Van Accessible Parking

Restriping Parking Lots: DOJ Business Brief

Service Animals: DOJ Business Brief

Small Employers and Reasonable Accommodation

Tax Incentives (JAN Publication)

Tax Incentives Packet (DOJ Publication)

The ADA: Your Responsibilities as an Employer

Title III Checklist Also available as a one page document in Microsoft Word format: IIIChecklist.doc

New York State School of Industrial and Labor Relations: Cornell University ADABrochures These brochures are in Acrobat (PDF) format and require the free Acrobat Reader, available for Macintosh, DOS, Windows, or UNIX.

ADA Enforcement

ADA Enforcement

ADA Mediation: EEOC

Contacting EEOC: Find Your Field Office

EEOC: Filing A Charge

Title II Complaint Form

How to File a Title III Complaint

ADA Mediation: DOJ