When I'm shopping alone, how can I be sure I receive the correct change?

Some people are afraid of being taking advantage of when they go shopping alone. Here is what you can do.

Use a Money Identification Wallet

If you use an adaptive wallet (with separate compartments for each denomination) or you use the folding system when making purchases, you might feel more secure about shopping independently again. See tips for identifying paper money

Carry Only One Denomination

Carry only one denomination such as $10.00 bills, and tell the cashier what you are handing them, for example: “I am giving you two $10.00 bills,” is a safe and secure way for you to begin shopping independently again.

Telling the cashier what you are specifically giving them shows that you know what money you have, and you are less likely to be taken advantage of — plus you are in control of the situation. You can also ask the cashier to tell you what each bill/coin denomination is in the change.

Ask for Assistance

If you are afraid of becoming a “target,” ask the person behind you in line what each returned bill is.